Luiza Staniec - songwriter, music producer, singer & pianist

Projects - 
"FIND THE WAY"-Recently, me and my great team working on this huge and very exciting project!
"It's an album called "Find the Way", written and produced by Luiza Staniec, a Polish singer-songwriter and producer, now based in England. It will be performed by female artists of different nationalities and backgrounds and at different stages of their careers, but who have three major things in common: passion, talent and a determination to make music at any cost and in the face of any kind of discrimination. The album will demonstrate equality in partnership and will represent the best of how music can break down limits and division ..."
"THE UNITEDKINGDOM OF POLAND"- it's another great project - album I've worked on.I had the privilege to select and invite 15 different & very talented, Polish acts - bands and solo artists, who are based and making music in the UK.Early next year the album will be released by Polish National Radio label.
Very interesting and totally inspiring... . 

As, and when required, I do run a vocal sessions, 1 - 2 - 1 or in small groups.With my students I cover all they need to achieve they goals. Some will do it just for fun, some, to be prepared for making records and some to heal they hearts, as I love to say... .That's why I treat each of them very individually, and try to meet they needs, when they in my studio.
Please contact me, if music and singing is still very important in your life.

As well, I run half a day music workshops for everyone age 12+ 
The workshop takes 4 hours, once a month, for duration of minimum 3 months, (normally weekends) and contains:
1. Voice projection, support in choosing    appropriate and a suitable repertoire, working on confidence and helping finding the "natural voice".
2. The basic of music theory, necessary for singer/songwriter, depends on a individual level.
3. The basic of songwriting, different approach, song structure, co-writing methods and song production in a studio.
4. The basic of self- accompaniment on a piano, methods and general support.
5. The basic on working in a recording studio, including opportunity to make a good quality demo.
Please contact me for any further information, to discuss your case, or to book your workshop.